Meet the Eyedart team.

About Eyedart Creative Studio

Every person, business, and community has a stirring story to tell. Our job is to make your story unforgettable.

Knowing how to design and deliver a clear message to the right people at the perfect time is one of the most challenging tasks individuals and organizations face. To successfully engage people with your story and move them to act, Eyedart develops and implements creative strategies focused on relationship management, research, action-oriented planning, and expertly skilled design.

Our innovative plans increase consumer spending, improve your business structure, and attract key stakeholders in a competitive market.

Creatively and collaboratively, we transform your ideas into profitable ventures.

Meet the Team

Gina Leichty • Eyedart Creative Studio • Goshen, Indiana

Gina Leichty

Partner + Creative Strategist

Gina has a knack for turning seemingly impossible tasks into reality. From helping launch a hugely successful citywide monthly festival, directing corporate campaigns for multi-million dollar corporations, to overseeing the renovation of a historic Indiana landmark, Gina has proven her chops in communication, branding, research, strategic planning, public relations, program coordination, and community development time and time again.

Gina graduated from Goshen College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, which developed her passion for effective communication. This, coupled with her love of art, design, and community, led her to a career developing successful marketing strategies for businesses, municipalities, and individual clients in both the public and private sector.

To her team, Gina is known for finding inspiration in everything she does — and being an unrelenting believer in “marketing for good.”

Ben Stutzman • Eyedart Creative Studio • Goshen, Indiana

Ben Stutzman

Partner + Creative Director

Never has the world seen a more detail-oriented and data-driven artist.

Ben graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Goshen College in 1990, and has been using his degree to create practical, beautiful art ever since. When Ben founded Eyedart in 2004 out of his art studio in San Francisco, he had in mind to create an organization that combined web and graphic design with fine art. Though Eyedart’s mission has expanded to include more than graphic design, Ben continues to meet his goal in every project he takes on — from billboards to websites to logos.

Ben is most often found with a sketchbook in hand and Metallica in his earbuds. He loves grid paper and is staunchly against the drop shadow.

Adrienne Nesbitt • Eyedart Creative Studio • Goshen, Indiana

Adrienne Nesbitt

Event Coordinator

A graduate of both Goshen High School and Goshen College, Adrienne has a passion for seeing her community thrive. And what better way to create positive change than to throw lots (and lots and lots) of parties and events?

Adrienne takes on her role with ease, expertise, and charisma. She coordinates Goshen’s monthly First Fridays festivals, throws galas and dinners for clients, organizes athletic competitions, and oversees events and performances at the historic Goshen Theater. But she doesn’t stop there: Adrienne is also on the board of a local theater, Art House, and founded Goshen’s annual arts and crafts fair, Arts on the Millrace.

Adrienne is a veritable theater lover, a seasoned jazz singer, and frequenter of Goshen’s many amazing restaurants and watering holes. Adrienne enjoys relaxing and attending parties she didn’t plan herself (but if you asked her, she would probably help plan your next one).

Malik Cato • Eyedart Creative Studio • Goshen, Indiana

Malik Cato

Graphic Designer 

Malik has never met a brand he couldn’t bring to life through simple yet unforgettable design. With a Bachelor’s Degree in magazine journalism and graphic design from Ball State, Malik is well-equipped to adeptly blend creativity with a careful eye for detail and accuracy. But more than that, Malik just plain loves clever design — and stitches that passion together with every project he takes on, from cards to menus to newspaper ads.

Malik enjoys frequenting museums, playing and reading about video games and, most of all, exploring the processes behind any and all creative works. Malik lives in Goshen with his girlfriend – and, they’re excited to share, there may soon be a new addition to their home: a border-terrier mix.

Liz Core • Eyedart Creative Studio • Goshen, Indiana

Abby Shetler

Video Storyteller

Abby is an ultimate-frisbee playing, weight-lifting gamer who loves to read suspense novels and drink beer with friends. Holding a B.A. in Communication from Goshen College, she brings 9 years of video experience with her to the job. She’s done everything from promotional work to mini-documentaries to music videos to live event coverage — even a full-length documentary.

She has traveled to three different countries to film, and has worked in basically every role in video production as a producer, videographer, director, and editor. In other words, she’s pretty dang fierce.

Liz Core • Eyedart Creative Studio • Goshen, Indiana

Maddie Yost

Social Media Coordinator

Maddie is a true Goshenite through and through. After being a fourth generation graduate from Goshen High School, she went on to graduate from Ball State University with a degree in Public Relations and Fashion. While she is happy to be back in Goshen, she was even happier to join the Eyedart team as a social media coordinator – although she prefers social media princess. With experience from organizations such as Music for All, Hope for Women Magazine and Cardinal Communications, she’s found she enjoys social media content creation, blog writing and making to-do lists along with many others.

Maddie enjoys traveling, TV shows including but not limited to Grey’s Anatomy and This is Us, spending time at her family lake house and ice cream. The newest adventure she’s learning from is a west highland white terrier puppy named Minnie.

Jerry Peters • Eyedart Creative Studio • Goshen, Indiana

Jerry Peters

Goshen Theater Facilities + Technical Director

Eyedart manages the renovation of the historic Goshen Theater, an early 20th century landmark sitting smack dab in the heart of downtown Goshen. Built in 1907 and renovated in the 1950s, the theater is in need of massive repair and careful architectural restoration. It’s a big job. Luckily, we have Jerry.

Jerry is a master of all things technical theater – and then some. Jerry has been working in the theater biz for over 30 years, from teaching at Lancaster Mennonite High School in Pennsylvania to working as Technical Director for Goshen College’s Theater Department. He’s an expert in everything from rigging systems to lighting design to electrical work to designing and updating the theater’s ever-changing marquee (letter by letter … you’re the best, Jer).

When he’s not working at the Theater, you can find Jerry volunteering or consulting for Ignition Music Garage, tech consulting at Art House, focusing lights at Goshen College, or living the dream as a downtown Goshen resident. If you ever have a query about what to order at Goshen Brewing Co., Jerry will be your captain, your mentor, and your guide.

Scott Weisser • Eyedart Creative Studio • Goshen, Indiana

Scott Weisser

Writer + Media Relations

Scott’s mastery of witty wordplay began in 1992, when he landed his first reporting job at the Rensselear Republican. From there, he went on to work at The Goshen News from 1993 to 2014, where he gained expertise in editing, writing, reporting, photography, and social media. At Eyedart, Scott writes and edits for the Good of Goshen campaign and manages client email marketing campaigns.

In addition to being a practiced journalist, Scott is also an enthusiastic outdoorsman, with passions including but not limited to: biking, hiking, camping, and semi-impromptu trips to Alaska.

Eyedart Creative Studio • Goshen, Indiana
We can’t help but love our city. We think it kinda shows.