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We’re currently seeking candidates for the following position.

Please send résumé, cover letter and one or two writing samples (link to online portfolio is preferred) to Gina Leichty at

No phone calls, please.

Writer + Social Media Coordinator

Supervisor: Eyedart Partner & Account Executive, Gina Leichty
Salary: $28,000 – $32,000 depending on experience
Hours: 9 – 5 most days. Evenings/weekends required depending on events
Benefits: Personal time, Flex-time, 9 Paid Holidays, Health stipend, Gym membership
Start Date: January, 2018


Eyedart is looking for a gifted writer and analytical strategist who enjoys the challenge of not only writing creatively but elevating a conversation and engaging an ever-distracted audience. This job position includes writing and media management responsibilities in a number of areas: writing for digital media, social media management, and media planning and purchasing.

This person will likely have a bachelor’s degree and experience in marketing, public relations, journalism and new media. He or she must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills including proofreading, and have expert knowledge of social networking channels.


Successful candidates will come to the role with a strong background in these areas:

  • Communication
    Listening is the first step to engaging in meaningful conversation and producing high-quality work. You must have excellent listening, communication, social and conversational skills.
  • Public Facing
    To succeed in this position, you must have a strong aptitude for working with the public; enjoy talking on the phone, interviewing, negotiating, interacting and engaging with strangers.
  • Highly Organized
    Eyedart is a small agency and every person wears multiple hats. To succeed and enjoy daily life in the office, you must be flexible, adaptable and disciplined in order to stay on top of the multitude of assignments that will float across your desk any given day.
  • Computer Proficient
    Comfort and proficiency with online programs including Google Apps, Sprout Social, WordPress, all social media platforms. The more familiar you are in all areas the happier you’ll feel.
  • Extreme Accuracy
    Mistakes on social media can have catastrophic consequences for our clients. Accuracy and attention to detail on even the most tedious task is essential.
  • Creativity + Deadlines
    We need people with enthusiasm for the creative process and have attentiveness to project goals, details and deadlines. Eyedart is a both/and kind of world.
  • Negotiation Skills
    Working with clients and salespeople requires excellent negotiation skills in order to assure both sides you are an advocate on their behalf.
  • Spanish
    The first language of more than 30 percent of Goshen’s population is Spanish. Learning / utilizing this language is a strong asset in our community.


  • Strategic Planning
    Develop and oversee the execution of strategic digital initiatives including social media, SEO, digital advertising, web analytics, blogging, email marketing, and media pitching.
  • Creative Writing
    Create highly engaging written content tailored to client audiences on various media platforms. Write in various brand / client voices. The job will also include writing, editing, proofing and ensuring all content is SEO optimized where necessary.
  • Editorial Calendar
    Maintain the social media editorial calendar for the team and plan all social media activities. Coordinate content creation and distribution with Eyedart creative team members.
  • Daily Engagement
    Establish, maintain and monitor daily activity on multiple social media accounts. Monitor online competitor presences / perceptions. Track social media influence measurements.
  • Conversation oversight
    Nurture online conversations. Review, respond, engage, and encourage participation + support to elicit brand advocacy for clients.
  • Address and manage online conflict
    Identify problem areas on behalf of clients. Notify and engage clients as necessary for crisis communication.
  • Reporting and Analysis
    Prepare monthly reports on usage statistics. Prepare insights on performance and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Blogging
    Responsible for opinionated, stylish writing and frequently posting new content online. Duties may include developing and/or revising text for other venues including online communities, press releases, web articles. Research new blogs and channels for relevance / trend identification
  • Paid Advertising
    Purchase digital ads on behalf of clients. Monitor ads to ensure they run as scheduled and the desired media message is seen / heard by consumers. Prepare reports including estimates for clients and spending updates throughout the campaign; monitor effectiveness of the campaign, use collected data to inform future campaigns.
    Identify search engine marketing business opportunities based on competitive research, industry date / trends and key performance metrics of current marketing campaigns. Assist with search engine optimization / search engine marketing integration, monitoring and analysis of social media trends and their impact on the company brand.

Applicants must be aware that this job description is neither comprehensive, nor exclusive to the tasks that may apply to this position. Eyedart is a changing and evolving organization, and applicants must, above all, be willing to adapt to these changes.